Problem-solving Communication Skills Development

Training provided by:

Sharon Morrissey, Mediator, Trainer and Consultant

Who is this training for?

  • If you are a leader and manager of people, this training is for you.

  • During this time of uncertainty and change it is more important than ever to have the skills needed to efficiently and positively communicate with team members.

Objectives of this training.

  1. Having sensitive conversations with staff.
  2. Supporting successful conflict management skills.
  3. Introduction to mediation.
  4. Establishing positive problem-solving protocols.


When and where will this training take place?

Training takes place on Zoom.

Places are limited to 10 per session to ensure optimum learning. First come, first served.

For further information and to book a place, contact Sharon at or 0876959346.

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conflict in business

Pre-Conflict Communications How to Circumvent Conflict in Business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Facilitation of the expansion of understanding of the suitable reactions to conflict at relational, group and business relationships.
  • Enabling the expansion of better self-awareness about how conflict affects people personally and professionally.


Discussions on:

  • Understanding Conflict
  1. Physical reactions to conflict
  2. Psychological reactions to conflict
  • What did I see/hear/feel…..What am I telling myself…. What do I need you to know?
  • Communication Styles.
  • Positive communication.
  • Conflict Mapping.

Training duration is four hours on Zoom


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