What is sharonmorrisseyconflictresolution.ie?

My relationshipbreakdown.com is a personal journey and progression for me. I have been separated and divorced. It is a process that is lonely and conflictual and it damages people and relationships involved. My journey to becoming a Family Mediator has been a long and windy road and in some ways I wish I understood what mediation was sooner in my life.

As a very wise person (my father) often said (and obviously with youth I didn’t believe him then…) ‘with age comes wisdom’ I believe him now and the fun part of this is realising the older I get, the more open to learning I am.  The more people I meet, the more wisdom I gain. It is for me to put it to good use.

At an earlier stage in my life I went through the divorce process in the ‘traditional’ way and it was horrendous. I really mean it when I say this, and it is not to promote my relationshipbreakdown.com. In terms of financial cost it was huge…but in terms of personal/emotional cost the fall out well over a decade later continues in the most ordinary of situations e.g. events- birthday’s communions, confirmations.  As a parent at that time, I did not do an amazing job. I console myself by saying ‘I did my best’ and in that moment I suppose I did, but I wish I had known what the impact of conflict on children.

Fast track several years, I meet a person who changes the focus of my career entirely. This person thought me that not all is what it appears to be, and to be open to possibilities that previously did not enter the mind. (We will discuss this next week)

This person changed not only my career, but my views.  I felt something had to change, that we could not continue to use our gender and/or our children in conflictual separations as pawns to get our WANTS met. I needed to be further educated in order to attempt to achieve this.  So I did, my mid-life crisis was a return to college to study a Masters in Conflict Management, specialising in Family Mediation.

  • My relationshipbreakdown.com is my creation in response to that loneliness and conflict- (internal and external) that relationship breakdown brings.  My relationshipbreakdown.com places people and their individual and unique needs in the middle of the process. We work on hearing and fully understanding the individual, their needs, the needs of their children and in conjunction with the parties provide a comprehensive and wrap around service through the difficult and emotional journey that is relationship breakdown.
  • The service aims to identify (in conjunction with the clients) cost effective and long-term positive outcomes for all involved in relationship breakdown.
  • Myrelationshipbreakdown.com aims to facilitate a fair and equitable solution both in terms of monetary and emotional cost.
  • (As this service has no predetermined outcomes, reconciliation is a possible outcome)

Mediation is a process to resolve disputes where a mediator supports parties in conflict to have a conversation where they are working jointly to resolve problems/issues/concerns.

The way to manage conflict is by talking and listening to each other. Talking increases people’s ability to grasp situations, to understand each other’s fears, emotions and reasons for the outcomes.

People find solutions to problems through working with www.myrelationship.com.  Solutions as individual as you are.

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