We provide services to local and national companies, schools, colleges, statutory, voluntary and community-based services on the positive management of conflictual issues.

We provide parenting and family support to families in crisis on how to manage situations that are sources of conflict e.g. parent/child relationships, sibling relationships and extended family relationships.

We worked with Community Based childcare facilities, Community Development Agencies, Tusla, St. Angela’s College/NUIG, The Law Society etc.

We train and prepare individuals and small groups on how conflict styles and our view of conflict affects behaviours in conflictual situations, and therefore our responses. These sessions are highly interactive and reflective.



“Sharon was a professor in a few of the disciplines where I earned my master's degree. Sharon was always willing to help when we needed it. Her assistance was greatly valued, and she was usually cheerful and pleasant. She is both instructive and encouraging. Her intelligence emotional intelligence and active listening are present in all of her classes. It's clear that she's a skilled professional who understands what she's doing and how to do it correctly. She clearly enjoys what she does and has an intuitive understanding of the many aspects that contribute to a conflict.” 

Luciene dos Santos

"I can’t thank you enough Sharon for your fantastic lecturing skills, your understanding and patience and the enthusiasm you have for Mediation and Conflict Resolution. It has been a fantastic learning curve for me and I really am very grateful. Continued success in all that you do."

- Mary Murphy

"Sharon is so good at what she does. She has gone above and beyond to help me and my classmates in our Mediation course with Griffith College. We are so grateful for all the help she has given us. She gave up her own time to help us regularly and this was something that was so beneficial coming up to an assessment. She is a natural at what she does and her passion shines through. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us Sharon."

- Laura Fitzpatrick

"If there is a fantastic thing to happen is to meet someone passionate about what they do, and I was lucky to be taught by you. Because, you're passionate about what you do and it makes you an exceptional professional, professor and person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. I strongly recommend you for anyone looking for someone who will put 100% of effort and heart into the work."
- Tameries Dias

I was very fortunate to have Sharon as a lecturer of a third level programme in Dispute Resolution that I recently completed.
I truly enjoyed this academic experience. Sharon is an excellent communicator; her expertise, passion for her work and marvellous sense of humour captured the attention of all of us, creating such a positive learning environment that made you feel comfortable and supported at all times, which contributed positively and directly to my academic and professional growth and skills development.
I truly admire her as a person who is authentic and genuinely interested in other people’s professional and personal growth.
I can only be grateful to her for her support and for sharing her knowledge and experience with all of us.

- Edlyn Garcia Moran

"Thank you Sharon for being an engaging, inspiring and hugely talented lecturer. When I commenced the course coming from another profession I struggled to see the relevance of how mediation could enhance my practice. Oh boy, how wrong was I. You brought to life the cornerstones of Mediation in that magical way you do things. I fell in love with mediation and my practice has changed for the better. So many people have benefited from what I now bring to their lives, and I will continue to sprinkle the magic you gave me."

- Noelette Noonan



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