If your relationship has broken down and you want to take steps to arrange for a separation it is very
worthwhile considering family mediation as a way of doing this.

Family mediation is a process of
working out the practical details in a setting which will allow you both to achieve an agreement that
allows each to have a say, but resolves disputes in a non-conflictual way.

The framework provides
you with the opportunity to negotiate your own settlement on the assumption that the decision to
separate and/or divorce has been made.


Mediation and your children

If you have children their care will be an important focus in the mediation. The reality of one parent
leaving the other is almost always a shock to children. Parents, who are going through the mill
themselves, may not realise the extent to which children can feel hurt and be bewildered by the

Children may have some sense that they are being considered if they know you trying to
work something out in mediation that will allow you to both continue to see and care for them, even
though you are living apart yourselves. Keeping the interests of the children to the forefront while
you are trying to work on a parenting plan means that you both recognise and accept that they have
rights, which may at times diverge from those of either of their parents.