This week: It’s me Seanie and my sister Sally…….. Child Inclusive Mediation.


As I say ‘Don’t ‘like’ my posts (if you think by doing so will draw attention to you/your pain)
Do, however, read, consider and make contact, in absolute confidence, if you have been affected
by any of the issues discussed in today’s blog.

087 6959346.

Hello Sharon, I’m Seanie. I’m six years old. I have a sister called Sally. We all lived together
in a house with our cat Mattie. Mommy and Daddy lived together and we used to laugh and
mom and dad would take turns to read stories. Daddy skips pages sometimes but he does it to
make me laugh.

Then my house was either quiet or there was shouting. Sally and I would go upstairs and go
into my bed, but mommy or daddy didn’t come up to read stories anymore. Daddy would be
sad and go to work very early and sometimes mommy would have tears in her eyes. Mommy
would get cross and shout if Sally was giving out, Sally gives out because she is only two and
I try to get her what she needs. But I have to go to school and I’m sad sometimes. Sometimes
I am tired because I can’t sleep very well because I have a funny feeling in my belly.
When I went home Monday daddy didn’t come home from work, mom said dad was working
late. Daddy didn’t come home on Tuesday, Sally is crying all the time and mommy has wet
eyes and my belly hurts.

On Saturday daddy came over and we went for chips in McDonalds and we went to the park.
It was such fun, but my belly started hurting again when daddy took me home to my house. I
don’t know what words to use. My chest has a pain.Mommy and Daddy fight all the time now about where Sally and I are to go and who with
and how long we have to be with them and who has our clothes and tooth brushes…. But
they haven’t asked me what it is Sally and I want. And I just want us to be happy and for
Mommy and Daddy to read stories.

At we work to ALWAYS be open to the possibilities. Children
need to be part of the mediation process, we as professionals NEED to hear the tiny voices so
as to reduce the impact of the turmoil on them.

Contact Sharon on 0876959346